Restoring china & glass

This site is for instructing the average person on how to make satisfactory repairs to damages that occur to china and glass articles during the course of everyday living. These may be decorative articles, such as figurines, vases, etc., or various dishes, cups, plates, glassware in household use. The damaged articles may be porcelain clock and watch dials, porcelain dolls, jewellery with chipped enamel work, chipped porcelain sinks, bathtubs, refrigerators, etc. Whether the articles are made of glass, porcelain ( china ) or pottery is immaterial.

With only ordinary mechanical skill and tools, and following simple techniques and procedures, it is possible for a person without previous experience to make successful repairs like those pictured. Repairs of a similar nature to other parts of a figurine or to dinnerware, including broken-off cup and dish handles, can be made without difficulty and at little expense. For the housewife, who is the one most intimately concerned with articles of this nature in the home, this would be interesting and rewarding work, requiring little physical effort.

Unsatisfactory results with the cements that are available at the neighbourhood stores may cause a person to feel that broken glass and china, especially dinnerware, cannot be permanently cemented and that the only thing to do with any broken article is to discard it. But this is no longer true.

The cements and other supplies of the Klein method now offered to the amateur, hobbyist, collector, and housewife for the first time, combine the old methods of Europe with the modern chemical products of today. Now glass articles, porcelain cups, plates, tureens, or any other articles designed to hold hot food or liquids can be cemented together with confidence that they will never' come apart and will withstand the rigors of washing in hot, soapy water indefinitely.

And never again will it be necessary to throw away the rare family heirloom that has been chipped or the eggshell china cup that has lost its handle. They can be fixed by the Klein method with cements and supplies that are not expensive.

This site also covers the art of restoring china and glass where parts, such as hands, feet, arms, and fingers of figurines or handles from dinnerware may have been lost. The only way these articles can be restored is to make a new part for the one missing, and secure it in the proper place. This is called "restoring china."

The reader may feel that the making of new parts is beyond his capabilities, but within the pages of this site experts carefully explain the necessary techniques and procedures. Many heretofore closely guarded secrets are now revealed to the general public for the first time. For those who go into this phase of china and glass repairing and absorb the knowledge these experts share with the public, the results will be amazing, and what was once considered impossible will be relatively easy.

There is a great need for a site of this type. The subject has been neglected entirely too long. With the tremendous influx of porcelains and glass articles into this country today, both from the Orient and Europe, the vast amount produced in this country, and the surviving products of the past ( many of which are becoming more rare and precious as time goes on ), one can easily visualize the importance of having fully trained repairers and restorers in all localities, to preserve as many of these articles as possible from the penalty exacted by time and careless handling.

The techniques and procedures of the Klein method of china and glass repairing and restoration are patiently and thoroughly explained in simple language that can be easily understood and followed. Observance of the techniques explained, and the sequence of each step in the procedures, will not only result in satisfactory work, it will train a novice in time to acquire the necessary skill to do professional work.

A person with the knowledge and skill to do his own china and glass repairing and restoration can often acquire valuable articles that are damaged at a price far below that charged for one in perfect condition. Restoring these articles to things of beauty offers the reward of personal pride, satisfaction, and ownership of something valuable.

Although the basic methods, techniques, and procedures described and explained on this site have been proven, one can discover new methods, ideas, and techniques to fit each classification of damages or a particular problem.

China and glass repairing and restoration open up a new field of interest and usefulness to people who have retired from active business life. The work is light and requires little physical effort; it can be done either sitting or standing. As word gets around that a person can do good china and glass repairing, people will come to have broken articles repaired. Thus a new career may be started.
Learning to do china repairing and restoring also has proved useful in the rehabilitation of people who are temporarily handicapped physically or recovering from mental illness.

Restoring china